Delivery Information

the private company 3Sixty Solutions, LLC
(hereinafter: SUPPLIER)
with its registered office in Toney, AL, USA

Article 1 –General
1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: Terms and Conditions) apply to all quotes, orders and/or agreements between SUPPLIER and Customers, relating to sale and delivery of products and/or performance of services and the execution of these.  Deviations from or changes to these Terms and Conditions must be confirmed in writing by SUPPLIER and apply only to the particular quote/order/agreement.

1.2 As used below, "Customer" refers to any(legal) person to and for whom SUPPLIER
supplies products and/or performs services, including his/its representatives, authorised
agents, assignees and heirs.

1.3 Any general terms and conditions maintained by the Customer are not binding for
SUPPLIER, unless SUPPLIER has stated in writing that it agrees to this.

1.4 If SUPPLIER has agreed in writing to the applicability of one or more deviating terms and
conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force for the rest.

Article 2 –Agreements and changes
2.1 An order placed by the Customer shall be regarded by SUPPLIER as an irrevocable offer.

2.2 SUPPLIER is only bound vis-à-vis the Customer with regard to an order placed with
SUPPLIER if and as soon as that order is confirmed in writing by SUPPLIER within 10
days after receipt of the delivery order or if SUPPLIER has started executing that order.
With regard to the aforementioned confirmation, SUPPLIER expressly reserves the right
to determine the delivery date at a later time.

2.3 After an order has been placed, changes in the execution ofthe order desired by the
Customer must be brought to SUPPLIER's attention by the Customer in writing and in a
timely manner. In respect of orders and/or changes in the execution thereof made orally
or by telephone, the Customer bears the risk as to(proper) execution or not.

2.4 Changes in an order placed by the Customer, of whatever nature, which entail increased
costs than what could be counted on with regard to the price quotation originally provided
by SUPPLIER are at the Customer's expense.If such changes result in decreased costs,
the Customer may not derive any right whatsoever from this with regard to lowering the
purchase price. SUPPLIER may, however, atits own discretion decide that these
changes will result in payment of a lower purchase price.

2.5 Changes made may result in SUPPLIER exceeding the delivery time indicated before the
changes. This may not be invoked to SUPPLIER's detriment.

Article 3 –Quotes and price quotations
3.1 All of SUPPLIER's quotes are without obligation, unless the quote expressly states

3.2 Descriptions and prices in quotes are made under reservation and represent only
approximations. The Customer may not derive anyright whatsoever from any mistakes in
a quote.

3.3 SUPPLIER's quotes are given on the basis ofinformation and specifications provided by
the Customer. Quotes are basedon production and delivery within normal timeframes
and under normal circumstances.

3.4 SUPPLIER is entitled to change the agreed price if changed market prices and/or price
increases by suppliers or other developments, such as changes in raw material, material
and labour costs, government measures, currency exchange rates, taxes, duties, levies
etc., provide reason to do so. SUPPLIER shall inform the Customer of any price increase
as soon as possible in writing. If the price increase occurs within three (3) months after
the conclusion of an agreement and amounts to more than ten (10) % of the original price,
the Customer is entitled to demand in writing, within ten (10) days after the written notice
referred to in the previous sentence is sent, that the agreement be rescinded; if this does
not occur, the Customer shall be deemed to agree to the price increase.